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Australia’s largest state is also one of its most important providers. Western Australia is the source of a huge amount of natural resources and energy commodities, making it the engine that powers the rest of the country.

Back in 2009, the WES Group realised that the growing number of projects it was taking on in Western Australia meant that there was a viable opportunity to bring the WES philosophy to clients in this part of the country. With this idea, WES West was born.

WES West: Leading the State Forward

Today, WES West is a highly reputable electrical contractor that has demonstrated the ability to carry out large-scale electrical and data jobs for a variety of organisations throughout the state. Our extensive list of clients includes Portaccomm Civil Road and Rail, the Port Authority, and BHP. Our team has helped build commercial facilities, maintenance works, and mining camps.

Like all other WES Group companies, WES West is committed to the highest standards of safety that go above and beyond the minimum requirements of our industry. We believe in doing everything possible to eliminate issues like injuries, illnesses, environmental incidents, and other accidents by helping to educate our staff on safe work practices.

Our Employee Policies

In addition to our commitment to our clients, WES West also believes that the health and safety of our employees is second to none. We consistently pursue best practices as they relate to workplace safety so that our team can stay safe and successful. This dedication to safety is what has won our team recognition and several awards for its commitment to the safety of the organisation.

WES West is the first and last name you need to know in electrical contracting in Western Australia. We are proud to be able to assist one of Australia’s most important states continue to provide the resources needed to move our country forward.

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