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Power Factor Correction

Power factor shows how efficiently incoming power is being used within a site’s electrical system and is shown as a measure between zero and one. If your power factor is less than 0.95, you WILL be paying significantly increased electricity bills.

Now is the time to assess the efficiency of power in your operations and incorporate power factor correction into your energy management plan. With Queensland energy suppliers bringing in new pricing tariffs from July 1, 2015, commercial customers with a poor power factor could be paying thousands of dollars extra in operating costs each year.

Power Factor Correction Services: Why They Matter

Your power factor rating is the resulting rating that evaluates the relationship between components of Real Power (KW), Reactive Power (kVAr) and Apparent Power (KVA) in your electrical system.

Electrical systems that have a low power factor reading (.95 or less) are not processing power efficiently and drawing more power than is needed into your system, often reactive power (kVAr). Reactive power is lost when equipment such as electric motors and transformers are operated, increasing your operating costs and placing more strain on your electrical systems and equipment than necessary.

The ideal power factor rating is 1.0, which indicates optimal energy efficiency for your systems and equipment.

Correcting your power factor to achieve an optimal reading is a vital step to making sure that you are not spending more than you need to be on powering your facility.

WES Group specialise in delivering a range of low, medium and high voltage power factor solutions to enable clients to optimise the energy efficiency of their facilities and equipment, and achieve lower operating costs.

Case study: Client A had a power factor of .78 (approximately 18% inefficient) at their facility. To rectify this, WES Group delivered power factor correction services that reduced their initial peak demand of 339 amps to 278 amps, saving 61 amps of wasted power, with a calculated savings of more than $1000 per month and 13,628kg of CO2 annually.

Benefits Of WES Group’s Power Factor Correction (PFC Services)

There are many benefits of having a certified team of electrical specialists increase your power factor:

  • Reduces the amount of kVAr that your equipment draws into the system, lowering the costs of your energy bills.
  • Lowers the volume of electricity that your equipment draws (which helps prolong its lifespan).
  • Stabilises voltage that may otherwise cause equipment failure.
  • Helps you comply with regulatory codes that apply to your building.

Don’t wait and find out the hard way – now is the time to get your power factor assessed by the experts; speak to WES Group today to ensure that power factor correction is part of your energy management plan.

As an Energex registered power factor correction supplier, WES Group will provide your business with a FREE power factor assessment. If your business has a power factor of less than 0.88, you may be eligible for assistance from Energex with the cost of installing power factor correction equipment. Visit Energex for more information.

Using a different energy supplier? Talk to WES Group today about getting a FREE power factor assessment for your site.


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