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Australian Electrical Standards Maintain Safety

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Electrical infrastructure provides a foundation for healthcare, commerce, education, and communications throughout Australia. These networks are what allow our country to continue to move forward and develop into the future. But it is our skilled tradesmen and project managers who see these development dreams completed to fruition.

At WES Group, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality Australian electrical services. We think that electricity should be more than just an expense – the network should be a true asset that adds value to your operation, no matter how large or small that operation may be. However, in order to provide top quality service and deliver on projects, ensuring the safety of the project site and our workers is paramount to the overall success.

In Australia and New Zealand, each state and territory are responsible for maintaining regulations and industrial guidelines. In Queensland, as per Queensland law, it is illegal to do electrical work in Queensland without a license. The Electrical Safety Act 2002 and Electrical Safety Regulation 2013 determine the requirements of a safe working environment and best practice guidelines for workers. By adopting this regulation it is intended for the following purposes to be achieved:

  • (a) Ensuring the safety of licensed workers, other workers, licensed contractors, consumers, and the general public;
  • (b) Enhancing consumer protection for electrical work;
  • (c) Stopping cathodic protection systems from damaging or interfering with the property of others;
  • (d) Ensuring a safe supply of electricity;
  • (e) Ensuring equipment hired or sold is electrically safe.

Because we are committed to equipping our electrical workers with the latest tools, training, and technology needed to render excellent services for our clients, you can be confident that your workplace will be safe and secure throughout the duration of our work.

“Our growth is a direct reflection of the quality of our work, the consistency of our delivery along with our continuing commitment to safety and the environment. Quite simply, our clients trust us, and know that we won’t let them down.”

Ian Grayson – WES Group Director


For more information on WES Group and the electrical services we provide, take a look at the collaborative projects we have worked on during our 25+ years in the industry.

Why Choose WES Group?

  • Specialists in industry, government and private enterprise projects.
  • Committed to stringent safety with a ZERO harm, ZERO lost time record.
  • The capacity to deploy our teams to work on projects nationally.
  • Experienced with complex projects to the most exacting standards.
  • We operate across diverse industries on jobs large and small.
  • Strong supporters of new technologies and training.

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