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12 Tips for cutting down on your power bills during peak times

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We all know that electricity prices keep going up, so anything you can do to reduce your power bills is most welcome. The best way to attack the problem of spiralling energy costs is to focus on the peak periods of electricity usage, between 4pm and 8pm, because this is the time when we use most of our household power.

So here are 12 tips for reducing your power usage during peak times with a knock on effect of reducing your power bills.

  1. Summer A/C temps: Every degree above 20oC can increase your power bill significantly. The ideal settings are around 24oC, because the A/C unit doesn’t have to work too hard to cool the air in your home.
  2. Winter heating temps: In winter, the ideal temperature settings are around 18 to 20oC. Any higher than this and you start to rapidly increase your power bill.
  3. Clean the A/C filters: Clogged air filters reduce the effectiveness of your air conditioning units, making them work harder and drawing on more power to maintain your temperature settings.
  4. Turn off the A/C: Government buildings, stores and shopping malls tend to run their A/C all the time, regardless of the outside temperature, but home owners will save a lot of money if the A/C is only used on really hot days.
  5. Shut doors and windows: This might sound disingenuous, but if the external doors and windows are left open, your power bills will sky rocket very quickly.
  6. Tumble dryers: The tumble dryer uses a lot of power, so only use it if absolutely necessary, instead use the clothesline and watch your power bills decrease markedly.  
  7. Switch tariffs: Call your electricity provider and check that you are on the best tariff for your needs. Also check that your swimming pool filter and your hot water system are both on an economy tariff, because these use a lot of power.
  8. Insulate your attic space: The easiest way to pump up your power bill is to lose the heat and air conditioning through the roof. Installing high quality insulation in your roof fixes this problem immediately and helps to cut down your power bill.
  9. Turn off standby appliances: Another way to reduce your power bill is to switch off all standby appliances and chargers. Just because your iPad or smartphone is not plugged into their chargers, if it is still connected to the power, it will be drawing on that power. So unplug everything you are not using, turn off standby modes and make a real difference to your power bills.
  10. Maintain your fridge: Old, dry, curling seals are one of the most common causes of fridges using more power than normal, so it pays to replace the seals or buy a more efficient fridge. The best strategy is to purchase a new energy efficient fridge, but if not, check the seals on older models and ensure that the internal temperature remains around 4 or 5oC at all times.
  11. Washing machines: When you are ready to buy a new washing machine, opt for one that is energy efficient, and don’t forget to use cold water to wash your clothes, and if possible, select the shortest wash cycle. There will be times when you want to use hot water or you need an intensive cycle, but for the majority of the time stick with a short, cold wash.
  12. Install curtains: These can help insulate your home in both summer and winter, far more effectively than blinds alone. You can still have your blinds, but adding long curtains will help to keep the heat in during winter and the air conditioning in during summer.

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