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In the right conditions, anything is possible. At WES Air, our focus is providing clients with the perfect climate through full-service HVAC work that includes design, engineering, construction, remodelling, maintenance and repairs.

Throughout our time helping clients across Australia with high calibre HVAC services, we’ve found that creating a strong working relationship with the customers we serve is key to our success. We attempt to gain a deep understanding of the people and organisations we serve.

When combined with our team’s extensive training and experience in the HVAC and construction industries, this approach results in the best-quality services available for clients, including critical tasks like:

  • Identifying and repairing refrigerant leaks.
  • Filter maintenance.
  • Fan and compressor vibration inspections and reporting.
  • Checking drains and ensuing functionality.
  • Checking insulation integrity.
  • Inspection of mounting and machine components.
  • Inspection of electrical components.
  • Identifying future issues and proposing scheduled maintenance to ensure minimal down time for the equipment.

Our experts can also help provide preventative maintenance services and educate our customers on how to take care of their own HVAC systems.

WES Air offers turn-key solutions to builders and developers. The combination of prominent engineering partners and over a decade of industry experience allows us to design and construct a HVAC project of any size.

Safe, Reliable HVAC

Like all members of the WES Group, WES Air prioritises the safety of our workers and work sites by making sure that our team uses the most modern equipment available. We aim to equip our workers with both the knowledge and equipment needed to keep them safe on the job.

This dedication to safety and quality work is what sets us apart. With a team that has many years of experience with HVAC services on all types of projects throughout Australia, WES Air is the company you can turn to for help creating the perfect climate.



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Why Choose WES Group?

  • Specialists in industry, government and private enterprise projects.
  • Committed to stringent safety with a ZERO harm, ZERO lost time record.
  • The capacity to deploy our teams to work on projects nationally.
  • Experienced with complex projects to the most exacting standards.
  • We operate across diverse industries on jobs large and small.
  • Strong supporters of new technologies and training.

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