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WES Group – A 25 Year Veteran of Electrical Services on the Sunshine Coast

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Veteran Electrical Services Sunshine Coast

At WES we love to look back on how things have changed for us over the years, particularly during momentous occasions and what’s more momentous than passing the 25-year anniversary? The 25th anniversary may be known as the Silver anniversary, but for us, we feel like we’ve reached our gold particularly when we look back at some of the stats we’ve accumulated over the years. Some of these statistics are a little bit funny, some are hard to believe, but all are 100% true.  Without further ado let’s take a trip down memory lane to celebrate our growth over the past 25+ years.

  1. Zero Lost Time. Yes it’s true that in over 25 years of service, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have lost Zero time doing things a second time. Our team works hard to provide electrical services that are right the first time, ensuring projects stay on schedule and on budget. This is due primarily to the unique skill set of our team members and the approach we take on each project. This is a fact that makes us truly proud.
  2. 10,800,000+ KM of Nation-Wide Travel! This equates to travelling 270 times around the earth and this number is constantly growing. Each time we think about it we can’t believe how far we’ve come and how much has changed since our early days just buzzing around the Sunny Coast/Wurtulla area. We love working in our local community and always have cars on the road travelling from project to project. But I guess the real breadth of WES Group’s reach interstate is reflective in the huge distances we have travelled. To put another perspective on that enormous number is to say our staff has undertaken 6,136 trips from the Sunshine Coast to Melbourne.
  3. 152 Dedicated Staff. From the early days Managing Director, Ian Grayson, has seen the business grow exponentially, having employed 152 hardworking staff members during his 25+ years in business. Ian’s still here and is still dedicated to constantly expanding the team and providing each and every one of us with the knowledge and experience we need, to provide a consistent high quality level of service to keep projects on time and on budget.
  4. 32,025 Hours Invested in Training Courses. Although Ian has a wealth of information to pass on to his staff, he also knows the importance of seeking out specialised training. At WES Group, we want to make sure each of our dedicated staff are ready to take on anything you can throw at them. We take training our staff seriously and we have the hours to prove it! Our training hours actual total over three and a half years of time! We told you some of these statistics would be hard to believe!
  5. 22 Apprentices Hired. Some of those 32,025 hours have certainly been dedicated to our apprentices’ growth. With 22 Apprentices trained through the business over the past 25 years, we are proud to have given back to the industry that gave us our start over 25 years ago. WES Group continues to create opportunities for young people and on the Sunshine Coast we currently employ 4 apprentices and 1 trainee and consider ourselves lucky to be able to provide ongoing opportunity for so many. Most of those that we have trained have stayed on with us upon completion of their apprenticeship, which is testament to the commitment of the WES Group management team.

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  • Specialists in industry, government and private enterprise projects.
  • Committed to stringent safety with a ZERO harm, ZERO lost time record.
  • The capacity to deploy our teams to work on projects nationally.
  • Experienced with complex projects to the most exacting standards.
  • We operate across diverse industries on jobs large and small.
  • Strong supporters of new technologies and training.

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